Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Recording pt III.


The four of us recently converged on an industrial estate towards the edge of Cambridge with a pile of instruments and some lyrics. In our three hour 'rehearsal' slot, we needed to come up with something which could be recorded the following day. We had, after all, booked eight hours of recording time. Why the insanely tight schedule? Well, it focused the mind if nothing else. Plus, we think it worked well before  - the results tumbled out as our first EP.

Saturday night song writing

Can you fit a drum kit into a tiny Peugeot? Yes. Yes you can.
Two hours in of the three, we had one track down. It sounded sharp, it clocked in at the usual sub three minutes, and it was fun to play. This, however, only left an hour to weld ideas together to create two more, ideally. Against the odds, we left that night with three songs hammered together. Slightly rough round the edges perhaps, but something. No live songwriting for us the following day. We ended up at a village pub where every beer mat in England hung from the ceiling. 

Spot the beer mats in The Red Lion. Picture courtesy of The Internet. 

Sunday - a day of recording shouted noise

Once again, Matty Moon was behind the controls at Half-ton and he helped ensure our hastily thrown together ideas became something meatier. A synth was brought along, but the machine's sounds weren't quite up our street. Instead, we stuck with drums, bass, guitars and shouting. A combination which no other band has ever tried before. 

We slammed through two new songs but stopped short of trying to get three down in the end. This gave time to add layers of noise. The songs benefited from this extra spit and polish. It was then down to a Japanese curry house for post-recording eating and drinking action, and to decide what will happen next.

The plan is to record more, MORE! Then package it up and put it out there. We've covered downloads, CDs and cassettes, so that only really leaves vinyl. Or wax cylinder. Or Mini Disc perhaps?

In other news, Japanese deep fried pork-based curry with noodles works well. 

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